Perfect Game All State Games

Perfect Game has expanded its showcase events down into the youth age groups of 11U – 13U. It’s now running All State games, which include the ~50 best players in each state or region as nominated by coaches in the area. From the state games, a team will be formed from each state/region to play in East Cobb in late November. Included in the event was a laser measured 30, 40 or 60 yard dash, depending on player age, in game pitching velocity and exit velocity from a hitting session.

Four games were played by each player with a scout watching each. In combination with the metrics, each player will receive a grade for hitting, fielding and athleticism.

Perfect Game appears to be trying to replicate the USA Baseball NTIS process with the selection of the best players at the state level then competing nationally. The biggest benefit of the PG process is access to the metrics and scout feedback and ratings compared to USA Baseball where the grading and metrics are kept confidential. However, the USA route leads to the 12U National Team or 13U/14U Athlete Development Program (ADP).

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