USA Baseball Regional NTIS Tryout

The 2022 USA Baseball regional NTIS events took place recently throughout in order to name the regional teams for the Champions Cup. The event consisted of metrics testing including a 30 yard time, pull down velocity, catcher pop time and 5-10-5 time. In addition to metrics, infield and outfield defense was rating through plays inContinue reading “USA Baseball Regional NTIS Tryout”

The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches

The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches is home to the Washington Nationals and Houston Astros spring training facilities in Florida. The main field beautiful with seating for 7,700 fans. It also has five other fields on the Nationals side and five on the Astros side. As well as coverage batting cages, pitchers mounds and aContinue reading “The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches”

How Hard Do 15 Year Old Pitchers Throw?

The average 15 year old pitcher (generally a rising high school sophomore) throws a baseball with a top velocity of 78 mph. ~70% fall in a 73 mph to 83 mph range for maximum velocity. Average velocity is three or so miles per hour below this, which would put an average pitch at 75 mph.Continue reading “How Hard Do 15 Year Old Pitchers Throw?”

Baseball UCL Surgery and Recovery

What does baseball UCL surgery look like and what is the UCL surgery recovery process? ASMI has a great Masterclass on ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) surgery, rehab and post-operative biomechanics featuring top surgeons, physical therapists and researchers. If your child is at risk for an arm injury, which is pretty much every baseball pitchers, thisContinue reading “Baseball UCL Surgery and Recovery”

Tony Robichaux – The Important Things

Tony Robichaux’s speech on The Important Things is worth listening to for his passion for his players and his love for God. It ends with his hurdles in life that prevent success, which are listed below. Sin Temptation Addiction Discouragement Rejection Critics Fear Failure Courage Change Convenience You Significance After a long coaching career atContinue reading “Tony Robichaux – The Important Things”

From Draft Day to the Majors: How Often Do Baseball Prospects Make It Big?

What are the odds of drafted baseball players making the Major Leagues and staying for at least three year? Richard Karcher studied the numbers over the 16 year period from 1996-2011 and they provide a view into how difficult it is to make the highest level of play. It’s no surprise that higher round sectionsContinue reading “From Draft Day to the Majors: How Often Do Baseball Prospects Make It Big?”

Why Does College Baseball Have So Few Scholarships?

The documentary movie Uneven explains the history of college baseball’s limit on scholarships to at 11.7 for the whole team, meaning that unlike football and basketball, most players only receive partial funding of their education while playing on the baseball team. The limit is driven by Title IX, which disproportionally affects baseball compared to othersContinue reading “Why Does College Baseball Have So Few Scholarships?”

Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?

In 2020, American Sport Medicine Institute (AMSI) had a all-star panel of doctors and physical therapists to discuss whether weighted ball programs are a safe way to increase velocity in pitchers. The answer for youth was a resounding “no” across the board. The medical experts concluded that weighted ball programs likely add to velocity becauseContinue reading “Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?”