Baseball Arm Injury Overview

Arm injuries are the most common issue in major league baseball accounting for 40% of incidents and over 50% of days on the injured list IL) from 1998-2015. Elbow and shoulder issues are split fairly evenly over the period studied, but elbow problems have become more frequent recently. Elbow, shoulder and upper leg injuries leadContinue reading “Baseball Arm Injury Overview”

Baseball UCL Surgery and Recovery

What does baseball UCL surgery look like and what is the UCL surgery recovery process? ASMI has a great Masterclass on ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) surgery, rehab and post-operative biomechanics featuring top surgeons, physical therapists and researchers. If your child is at risk for an arm injury, which is pretty much every baseball pitchers, thisContinue reading “Baseball UCL Surgery and Recovery”

Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?

In 2020, American Sport Medicine Institute (AMSI) had a all-star panel of doctors and physical therapists to discuss whether weighted ball programs are a safe way to increase velocity in pitchers. The answer for youth was a resounding “no” across the board. The medical experts concluded that weighted ball programs likely add to velocity becauseContinue reading “Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?”

Should Youth Pitchers Take Time off From Throwing?

In this session from AMSI’s class on shoulder injuries in throwing athletes, several of the top experts answer the question, “Do you believe in year round throwing or does the research support taking a few months off and shutting down entirely?” The experts had the following answers: Dr. James Andrews: We recommend at least twoContinue reading “Should Youth Pitchers Take Time off From Throwing?”