2023 Baseball Conference Calendar

Baseball has a lot of great conferences throughout the year with the ABCA leading off annually in January and MLB’s Winter Meetings closing out the year. Some dates haven’t been announced this year in the year, so at times I’ve used 2022 timeframes. I’ll make updates as I learn more Please let me know ifContinue reading “2023 Baseball Conference Calendar”

Baseball UCL Surgery and Recovery

What does baseball UCL surgery look like and what is the UCL surgery recovery process? ASMI has a great Masterclass on ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) surgery, rehab and post-operative biomechanics featuring top surgeons, physical therapists and researchers. If your child is at risk for an arm injury, which is pretty much every baseball pitchers, thisContinue reading “Baseball UCL Surgery and Recovery”

Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?

In 2020, American Sport Medicine Institute (AMSI) had a all-star panel of doctors and physical therapists to discuss whether weighted ball programs are a safe way to increase velocity in pitchers. The answer for youth was a resounding “no” across the board. The medical experts concluded that weighted ball programs likely add to velocity becauseContinue reading “Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?”

Baseball Conditioning Training Ideas

Baseball conditioning is unique. Baseball is primarily unilateral and rotational with high force production. Heiden jumps and reverse lunges (though less rotational) are a good examples of this. Baseball training needs to account for this with non-traditional approach through tools like medicine balls and rotational cables. These articles cover some key training points from someContinue reading “Baseball Conditioning Training Ideas”