USA Baseball Regional NTIS Tryout

The 2022 USA Baseball regional NTIS events took place recently throughout in order to name the regional teams for the Champions Cup. The event consisted of metrics testing including a 30 yard time, pull down velocity, catcher pop time and 5-10-5 time. In addition to metrics, infield and outfield defense was rating through plays inContinue reading “USA Baseball Regional NTIS Tryout”

Relative Age Effect in Youth Baseball

It should be no surprise that the relative age effect (RAE) is alive and well in youth baseball. The RAE is well documented across sports. It posits that older players are overrepresented on elite teams in their playing age classification relative to younger players because they’re more advanced in their physical maturation. Well researched studiesContinue reading “Relative Age Effect in Youth Baseball”

USA Futures Invitational vs NTIS Champions Cup

USA Baseball uses both the Futures Invitational and NTIS Champions Cup as part of the selection process for its Athlete Development Program (ADP) and National Team. Though similar, each has distinctives that stand out. The Futures Invitational is an invitation only tournament of existing teams run by USAB, but not coached by it. Depending onContinue reading “USA Futures Invitational vs NTIS Champions Cup”

USA Baseball NTIS Champions Cup

The three stage USA Baseball national team identification series (NTIS) process culminates with a four day tournament at the National Training Complex in Cary, North Carolina. The first stage of qualification for participation occurred at the state level with metrics and skills testing. The second stage is at the NTIS regional level in one ofContinue reading “USA Baseball NTIS Champions Cup”

USA Baseball Futures Invitational 2021

The USA Baseball Futures Invitational is four day tournament in Cary, North Carolina at the USA Baseball complex in Thomas Brooks Park. It had participation from some of the best teams in the country including ZT National Prospects, MVP Hustle and SBA Futures at the 11U level. What makes it unique from other tournaments isContinue reading “USA Baseball Futures Invitational 2021”