From Draft Day to the Majors: How Often Do Baseball Prospects Make It Big?

What are the odds of drafted baseball players making the Major Leagues and staying for at least three year? Richard Karcher studied the numbers over the 16 year period from 1996-2011 and they provide a view into how difficult it is to make the highest level of play. It’s no surprise that higher round sectionsContinue reading “From Draft Day to the Majors: How Often Do Baseball Prospects Make It Big?”

Why Does College Baseball Have So Few Scholarships?

The documentary movie Uneven explains the history of college baseball’s limit on scholarships to at 11.7 for the whole team, meaning that unlike football and basketball, most players only receive partial funding of their education while playing on the baseball team. The limit is driven by Title IX, which disproportionally affects baseball compared to othersContinue reading “Why Does College Baseball Have So Few Scholarships?”

Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?

In 2020, American Sport Medicine Institute (AMSI) had a all-star panel of doctors and physical therapists to discuss whether weighted ball programs are a safe way to increase velocity in pitchers. The answer for youth was a resounding “no” across the board. The medical experts concluded that weighted ball programs likely add to velocity becauseContinue reading “Are Weighted Ball Programs Safe?”

Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Injuries

Hamstring injuries are common in sports like football, soccer, track and also baseball for positions like outfield. Jeff Allen from the University of Alabama explains in this video that injuries are a function of age, previous injury, running load, fascicle length and eccentric hamstring strength. He focuses on the latter two areas based on researchContinue reading “Exercises to Prevent Hamstring Injuries”

Should Youth Pitchers Take Time off From Throwing?

In this session from AMSI’s class on shoulder injuries in throwing athletes, several of the top experts answer the question, “Do you believe in year round throwing or does the research support taking a few months off and shutting down entirely?” The experts had the following answers: Dr. James Andrews: We recommend at least twoContinue reading “Should Youth Pitchers Take Time off From Throwing?”

Relative Age Effect in Youth Baseball

It should be no surprise that the relative age effect (RAE) is alive and well in youth baseball. The RAE is well documented across sports. It posits that older players are overrepresented on elite teams in their playing age classification relative to younger players because they’re more advanced in their physical maturation. Well researched studiesContinue reading “Relative Age Effect in Youth Baseball”

Baseball Conditioning Training Ideas

Baseball conditioning is unique. Baseball is primarily unilateral and rotational with high force production. Heiden jumps and reverse lunges (though less rotational) are a good examples of this. Baseball training needs to account for this with non-traditional approach through tools like medicine balls and rotational cables. These articles cover some key training points from someContinue reading “Baseball Conditioning Training Ideas”

Youth Baseball Metrics

Baseball is heavily focused on metrics now – exit velocity, spin rate, pop time and so on. We see pitching velocity in real time and home run distance just as fast. Improving metrics can motivate athletes just like improving grades can motivate students. For MLB, the metrics Bible is Baseball Savant. But how do youthContinue reading “Youth Baseball Metrics”

Travel Baseball Player Discipleship Resources

With the amount of travel that takes place in “travel” baseball, and much of it taking creating conflicts with church on Sunday morning, parents need resources to share with their kids. The time on the road provides an opportunity for discipleship of your child. You can do a Bible study, work through a devotional orContinue reading “Travel Baseball Player Discipleship Resources”