Youth Baseball Metrics

Baseball is heavily focused on metrics now – exit velocity, spin rate, pop time and so on. We see pitching velocity in real time and home run distance just as fast. Improving metrics can motivate athletes just like improving grades can motivate students. For MLB, the metrics Bible is Baseball Savant. But how do youth athletes know what are good metrics for their age to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to other players at the same age? Perfect Game collects the metrics during combines at showcase days, so you can look at some player profiles and see how they rank on a variety of numbers. Other than that, there’s no one place that publicly collects the comparison data, but there are a variety of sources depending on what you’re looking for that can help.

Hitting the ball hard, running fast and throwing far are key tools for a complete player. Based on what you find from comparing metrics for kids of a similar age, you can tune training programs to best suite their needs to maximize their strengths and minimize weaknesses.

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